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Tristen Eriksen

Tristen Eriksen

Tax Strategist

Most people think that their CPA or Accountant is saving them on taxes, but they really aren’t. We take a more proactive approach to planning, implementing and forecasting your tax position so you can focus on building wealth, not paying the IRS.

EthicsPro Will Help You
Rethink Your Taxes

EthicsPro Accounting & Tax is a proven team of tax professionals geared to help assess the key tax savings possible for your industry and business setup. When it comes to saving money on taxes, we’ve got it down to a science.

We help you maximize your tax savings by analyzing:

  • Workhorse and Advanced Deductions
  • Legal Entity Design And Compensation
  • Reasonableness
  • Retirement Optimization
  • ​New Tax Legislation (TCJA, CARES, FFCRA)
  • ​Insurance & Asset Protection
  • ​Niche & Industry Specific Strategies
  • ​Tax Advantaged Wealth Management

Offering Strategies at Every
Stage of the Journey

Unlike other tax and accounting firms, we don’t give you one-size-fits all tax planning strategy. We partner with you to build a program for your businesses’ size and specialty.

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Our job is to help you understand your tax position.
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Why CPAs Don’t Tax Plan

Why CPAs Don’t Tax Plan

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